The website created & managed by Ayushveda Informatics (India) Pvt. Ltd., has information related to varied web-based services including website design/development, SEO (search engine optimization), & social marketing. We have taken care of all the website design/development standards and compliance regulations, at the time of creating content for the website; we also keep updating our website to keep it most current, and in that parlance we reserve the full rights to alter, and/or update data at anytime, and with no prior notice. We inform everyone that company cannot be held responsible in case of any wrong or no longer valid statements, quotes, descriptions, and has no liability attached in condition of losses incurred from faulty information. Additionally, the company has the right to start legal action against persons who misuse, alter, reproduce the content/information that we have made available on the website.

Data Privacy policy In context of data privacy policy, we abide by each and every international legal regulations and our data privacy policy is attuned to standards set up for the protection and safety of data collected from visitors to our website. Ayushveda Informatics maintains complete confidentiality of data obtained from the internet and our website, and ensure no physical/mental harm is caused to the person, whose data gets collected by us. Personal data that we have the knowledge of will be kept confidential, the privacy of it will be maintained, and the information contained within will be utilized only for the purpose it was provided to us. No third party will get access to the information, and/or data without prior permission, and will not be in any way transferred to them.

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Information Collected Users of our website are given the option to furnish their name, contact information, and Query to Ayushveda Informatics and that is used by us to make contact with the requesting user with answers and other necessary details based on the query submitted.

Opt-out Policy If at any time in future you want to remove/unsubscribe/delete your contacts/e-mail information from our end, you merely have to send an e-mail at and you will be notified within 48 hrs. via e-mail prior to initiating any actions, that we’ll be taking in response to the request made.

Changes To Our Privacy policy Ayushveda Informatics reserves the full right to alter/amend/remove this privacy statement at anytime it deems necessary and without a particular reason for doing that. All information furnished in this policy document doesn’t create or intends to create a contract/agreement between Ayushveda and any user visiting Ayushveda Informatics website or supplying any type of personal identification information.