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WordPress is an immensely popular PHP and MySQL based open source content management system that powers millions of websites worldwide. At Ayushvedainformatics, we create top notch WordPress websites that are flexible, easy to use and secure. Moreover, the websites are search engine optimized.

The key factors that we take into account while developing customized WordPress websites for our clients include:

  • Needs of our Clients
  • Needs of the Customers of our Clients
  • Application of the Best Technology

At Ayushvedainformatics, we offer the best individualized WordPress solutions so that our clients can enjoy the benefits of using the WordPress platform.

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WordPress Design and Development Services

At Ayushvedainformatics, we offer a wide range of design and development services for WordPress Websites. Our services include:

WordPress-based Web 2.0 Designs: At Ayushvedainformatics, our website designers and developers follow the latest trend in web designing. Hence, we use Web 2.0 layouts for designing our clients’ WordPress websites.

WordPress Themes for Content Management System: We develop WordPress themes that are best suited for the CMS of your website. By customizing the PHP, CSS and HTML codes of the WordPress themes out designers and developers create unique themes for WordPress websites.

Customized WordPress Website Development: Our experienced WordPress developers design unique WordPress websites tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Customized WordPress Theme Development: Our Custom WordPress themes help your website to stand apart from the crowd.

High Quality Easy to Use WordPress Theme: Our customized WordPress themes designed by integrating the latest technology in the WordPress platform are highly flexible. The unique CMS system guarantees to satisfy our clients with its advanced easy to use features.

Conversion of Existing Designs to WordPress Themes and Sites: We can transfer all your existing websites into the WordPress platform and convert the existing site design into WordPress theme.

Conversion of PSD into WordPress Website or Theme: By converting PSD files into WordPress themes we can easily shift the images of your existing website into the WordPress platform.

Installation and Upgradation to Latest WordPress version: For improved user experience and for more secured operations, we offer WordPress website upgradation service.

Create Latest WordPress Templates and Themes: Our website designers and developers are persistently working with the latest technology to incorporate the latest WordPress related technology in the website themes.

Custom WordPress Plug-in Development: Our website designers and developers customize plug-ins to integrate widgets, navigation bars, SEO and other content management system features to the WordPress websites for our clients.

Hire WordPress Developers

At Ayushvedainformatics, our dedicated team of WordPress developers offers the best WordPress solutions in the industry. We offer full time, part time and hourly WordPress development services so that our clients can choose the most suitable option.

  • We always give preference to our clients’ specifications while designing a WordPress website.
  • Our experienced website designers after evaluating the feasibility of the specifications use appropriate strategies to produce the best quality website.
  • We design top notch WordPress websites with easy to use communication features that are specifically designed to suit your business.
  • By combining state-of-the-art infrastructure with tested WordPress development methods we create the best WordPress websites in the industry.
  • Our development and maintenance costs for WordPress website development are affordable.
  • Organizations, regardless of size, can hire us for developing their WordPress websites
  • Our excellent customer support service is always ready to answer the queries of our clients

Custom WordPress Plug-in Development

The functionality of WordPress websites can be increased manifold with the help of plugins. Currently there are more than 25,000 plugins in the WordPress database. These plugins can be customized to suit the different needs of a website. At Ayushvedainformatics, apart from customizing the existing plugins, we develop new plugins for WordPress websites. We take into account the specific needs of our clients while developing plugins for their WordPress sites.

Some WordPress plugins developed by Ayushvedainformatics include:

  • Amazon Reloaded
  • Dealer Locator
  • Steps Tracker
  • Restore Exact Time
  • Post Satisfaction
  • Restore Post ID
  • Page Images

WordPress Themes Design

There are hundreds of free WordPress themes listed in the WordPress database. Numerous premium or paid themes are also available for WordPress websites. However, customizing these themes to suit the specific needs of a website is a bothersome task. Moreover, to make your website stand apart from the crowd, you need a theme design that is unique. At Ayushvedainformatics, we can develop outstanding WordPress themes that apart from enhancing user experience are extremely attractive. Our website designers and developers add or edit HTML, PHP and CSS codes to create exceptional WordPress themes.

Our WordPress Theme Design services include:

  • Creation of Unique WordPress Themes according to client’s specifications
  • Attractive WordPress Themes designed by experienced website designers and developers trained in HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA and .NET
  • Creation of WordPress themes for all types of portals including business websites, ecommerce websites, matrimonial websites, social networking websites and many more
  • Custom Built WordPress Websites with appropriate Meta elements for improved search engine optimization
  • High quality custom built WordPress website at an affordable price

Hence, if you are looking for a unique, dynamic and feature rich WordPress website, we can give you the most cost effective solution.


Conversion Optimization for WordPress Websites


Designing an attractive and highly functional website is not sufficient unless it enjoys a high ranking in the result pages of popular search engines. At Ayushvedainformatics, we are aware of the SEO needs of the websites that we develop for our clients. Our team of WordPress website developers integrates SEO features in the websites to ensure that the websites receive targeted traffic.



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