Salesforce Development


Integration of cloud computing in Customer Relationship Management system has significantly improved sales and marketing related services of businesses. The latest Salesforce development solution is more effective than the conventional models. The new technology has freed businesses from the vast range of software and hardware that were used in traditional systems for organizing and managing sales-related activities.

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Our Salesforce development solution benefits all types of businesses, regardless of size. Especially the medium and small businesses that earlier had to tackle with multiple expensive software can now easily incorporate this simple technology into its operations. Ease of operation is the best part of working with cloud-based Salesforce development solution.


Our Salesforce development solution entails:

Business process assessment

Detailed analysis of the current business processes of an organization is the first step in Salesforce development. By taking into account the existing business processes we develop a customized Salesforce solution for your business.

Business process mapping allows us to offer an appropriate Salesforce solution that significantly enhances the efficiency of the sales and marketing activities of a business. By measuring and comparing the objectives of a company we make sure that the solution we are offering is aligned to the goal of the business entity.

Configuration and Custom Designed Services

With significant variations in business processes and requirements, businesses cannot function effectively in the absence of individualized solutions. At Ayushvedainformatics we offer only customized Salesforce software to provide a Customer Relationship Management solution best suited to your business.

Setting up basic configuration for improved user experience is an important function of Salesforce Development.

Setting up data sharing modules and security configuration to ensure seamless and secure data transmission

We offer a customized design that apart from improving the appearance of the site offers high quality intuitive user interface. A properly designed page significantly increases user experience.

By setting up briefcase configurations we ensure that users can access files and documents even when they are not connected to the internet. Hence, you can access certain Salesforce records from any place at any time.

Data Migration Services

We offer data mapping for integrating the existing data into the new Salesforce platform.

Our secured data migration strategy prevents data loss while shifting the existing user accounts, contacts and leads to the Salesforce platform.


Checking functions and resolving bug problems that may develop after data migration and initialization of the Salesforce operations. Periodic feedbacks to ensure that our clients are properly utilizing the customized Salesforce solution designed for their businesses.

Our Salesforce Development Services

Salesforce Consulting Services

Our Salesforce consulting services entail development and application of solutions that works best for a certain business model. By assessing the current business processes, Ayushvedainformatics helps businesses, regardless of size, to integrate the Salesforce solution that boosts productivity and revenue into their operations.

Salesforce Integration

Integration of Enterprise and Cloud System is a major challenge of Salesforce Development. Ayushvedainformatics being a prominent Salesforce Integration provider can easily handle this important aspect of Salesforce solution. A range of Salesforce integration services including Enterprise HR, Call Center, ERP, Logistics, Financial and Legacy Systems and all types of real time integration solutions are provided by the company.

Salesforce Automation

Salesforce automation is a prominent consumer relationship management function that helps to streamline the operations of the sales team of a company. We offer Salesforce solution for automation of account management, opportunity management, contact management, activity management, report generation and many more.

Salesforce Configuration

The objective of Salesforce configuration is development and customization of tools to meet the specific needs of a business. The apps are configured to suit real life business environments. Some of the key areas of Salesforce configuration include security configuration, data sharing, designing page layouts and user groups and offline accessible briefcase.

Salesforce Implementation

Implementation of the right Salesforce solution helps businesses to meet their day to day sales and marketing related challenges.

Salesforce Migration

The success of your business depends on the quality of the information. We use appropriate data migration tools for transferring all existing information stored in the current server to Salesforce. Our developers and programmers are skilled in transferring data from a variety of sources including SQL server database, CSV files, Lotus Notes, Excel and Access to Salesforce.

Salesforce Development

Developers working with Ayushvedainformatics can handle every aspect of Salesforce development, thereby offering a solution that significantly eases the sales and marketing-related jobs of an organization.