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The success of a website primarily depends on the quality of its content. The quality of the content also plays an important role in improving the visibility of web pages. The text-driven crawling and indexing processes of search engines have made the textual content of websites the most important component for designing and developing search engine friendly web pages.

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Hence, writing good quality copy is not sufficient unless it is optimized for search engines. As a leading Search Engine Optimization company we focus on writing high quality SEO copies that apart from meeting the requirements of your websites are considered relevant by popular search engines.


Our copywriters are trained to meet every challenge of SEO copywriting. From developing seo optimized copies from the scratch to editing existing content to make it search engine friendly, we offer all types of SEO copywriting solutions.


Our SEO copywriting services include:

On-Page SEO

SEO copywriting initiates from optimizing the website pages. If you are launching a new website, we will select keywords most relevant to your website and use them for writing contents. We use the keywords and phrases containing the keywords judiciously to eliminate the risk of over stuffing. In addition to content, our on-page SEO experts also modifies the headers, Meta tags, alt tags, HTML link tags and other relevant on-page attributes to optimize the web page for search engines.

The aforementioned on-page SEO strategies are also applicable for existing websites. In addition, we can rewrite or edit the existing content, develop additional contents, write interesting blogs, improve the quality of inbound and outbound links and offer additional resources to improve the visibility of the websites.

Off-Page SEO

Generating quality back links is the objective of off-page SEO. Our experienced copywriters write quality articles with website links of our clients embedded in the content. These articles are submitted in article marketing sites and press release sites, and used for developing microsites, blogs and other online public relation sites such as hub pages and Squidoo.

Writing for Social Media

Social media marketing is an important brand building strategy. With well written and attractive posts, you can easily attract your potential customers and educate them about your products and services. Our experienced copywriters can deliver content aptly suited for viral marketing.

Talented and Experienced Writer

Our SEO writers have extensive experience in writing search engine optimized contents for clients spread across a broad range of industries. According to your specific SEO content writing requirement, we will assign you a writer proficient in your area of work.

Effective SEO

SEO copywriting is considered effective only when it helps in improving flow of targeted traffic. Apart from writing search engine optimized content we make sure that these writings are capable of promoting lead generation.