Video SEO


Search Engine Optimization is no longer limited to optimizing textual content of websites. With the rising popularity of multimedia as a highly engaging and interactive online platform, video SEO has emerged as a new SEO strategy for increasing the popularity of videos among targeted audience.

Video SEO is an important item in the SEO services portfolio of our company. By implementing appropriate white hat SEO strategies we optimize the videos of our clients for search.

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Studies suggest that people spend more time watching a video than reading texts. The attractions of multimedia in attracting the attention of people cannot be overlooked. Our video designers and SEO experts are capable of offering the best video SEO solutions in the industry. Businesses regardless of size rely on videos for promoting their brands and educating potential clients about their products and services.


Our video SEO service includes:

Analysis of content to make it relevant for your organization: We emphasize on the quality of the content. Videos developed us come with outstanding audio and picture quality. With well-written script and appropriate presentation we make sure that the brand, product or service is best represented in the video.

Keyword Research: Identifying keywords most relevant to the content of your video is an important component of SEO. These keywords are the ones that your audience is most likely to use while searching for content related to your subject.

Appropriate use of keywords: The relevant keywords need to be integrated in the title, description and the tags to optimize the video for the search engine. The key challenge in SEO video is balancing the keyword density with a crisp title and description. A catchy title can easily attract your targeted audience while a concise and well-written description will offer information necessary for luring people to view the video.

Video transcription: Transcripts help search engines to include videos in their search result pages. Transcripts apart from increasing the visibility of videos also enable people to access the relevant portion of a video where the phrase containing the search term is used in the video.

Marketing: Our video SEO and marketing services can make your video go viral. By making appropriate use of the social media, RSS feeds, link building and other marketing strategies we can increase the exposure of your video.

By using time-tested ethical SEO strategies we have helped our clients in marketing their videos. Our video optimization techniques have benefited our clients in promoting and advertizing their businesses.