SEO Process


To build an effective SEO campaign, every aspect of the SEO process should be carefully planned and implemented. As a leading Search Engine Optimization company we are committed to deliver the best SEO solutions to our clients. Hence, our SEO process is divided into distinct stages, each dealing with a key phase of the SEO campaign.

Our SEO process comprises of the following steps:

Analyze current website structure

The first step in the SEO process involves identification of the weaknesses and strengths of the current website layout, content management system, and sources of traffic. If the web platform is outdated, we suggest our clients to migrate the website to the latest version or to a more advanced content management system to take advantage of the more effective SEO add-ons. Moreover, in some cases, redesigning a website for SEO purpose is suggested to ease indexing of websites. Gathering data about the various sources of traffic help us to device the most suitable SEO campaign for our clients.

SEO Audit

We undertake a thorough SEO audit for improved SEO. SEO audit comprises of both on-page and off-page SEO. It involves checking the use of keywords in the website content, headlines and meta tags, relevance of keywords, quality of content, quality of inbound links, broken links etc.

SEO Campaign Development

Based on our evaluation and assessment of the current website structure and the SEO components, we develop a SEO campaign plan that we consider is most appropriate for our clients. Identification of the keywords relevant to the website through in-depth keyword research, determining the requirement of adding, modifying and deleting content, developing detailed article marketing, social bookmarking and link building strategies, identifying appropriate websites and social media sites for article and link submission, developing micro sites, writing blogs etc are the different components of the SEO campaign development process.

SEO Implementation

Finalization of the SEO campaign plan is followed by implementation of SEO. At this SEO phase, we optimize the on-page content and gradually execute our off-page SEO strategies.

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Management and Follow-up Reporting


After implementing the SEO tools, we track the progression of the SEO campaign to make sure that our SEO campaign is working according to plan.


Complete SEO Plan

Phase Evaluation

  • Website Analysis
  • SEO Statistic Analysis for the separate landing
  • Content Analysis of the Target Landing Pages
    1. Duplicate Check
    2. Freshness Check
    3. Readability Check
    4. Pagination Check
    5. Keyword Proximity
  • Keyword Research And Analysis
  • On Page SEO

  • Content Optimization
    1. Managing keyword density
    2. Canonicalization (if required).
  • Domain Optimization
    1. Redirections and Rewriting (if required)
  • Meta Content Optimization
    1. Title and Meta Tag Optimization
    2. Image Al-ting
  • HTML Code Optimization
    1. H1, H2 tag Optimization
    2. Internal Linking and removing broken links
    3. Removing SEO based & HTML Errors detected by Google Webmaster
    4. Bounce Rate Analysis
  • Google Webmaster Verification
  • Robots.txt Creation/Analysis
  • Solving No Follow, 404 Error Pages
  • Sitemap creation, submission and Google Fetch
  • Google Disavow to remove Any Bad Links
  • Informing About Low Quality Content or Empty Pages
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Page Speed

    Improving Page Speed of Overall Site and Integrating Caching Plugins if Required. This Involves removing unnecessary javascripts, codes or optimising through htacess file.


    Using White Hat and Natural Link Building Techniques which are Allowed by Google and Helpful to Promote a Website. The Extense of Link Building Varies from Keyword to Keyword in order to Get the Desired Results.

    Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook
    1. Fanpage/Business Page creation
    2. Facebook Page Designing
    3. Posting, Grouping, engaging through blog, article and website’s links, infographics, and status updates
    4. Engaging likes and their reviews
  • Twitter
    1. Making a twitter profile
    2. Designing Twitter Profile
    3. Daily tweets through pics and updates
    4. Engaging followships
  • Google+
    1. Making a google+ business page
    2. Designing Google+ Page
    3. Author Markup Verification with Google +
    4. Posting, Grouping, engaging through blog, article and website’s links, infographics, and status updates
    5. Engaging likes and their reviews

    Infographics & Other Activities

  • Creation Of Infographics & Their Submission
  • PPT Creations and Their Submissions (If Required)
  • PPT to Video Creations and Their Submission
  • Creation of PDF Documents if Required
  • Pinterest Profile and Engagement if Required
  • Promotion of Discount Coupons if Required.
  • Press Release Creation & Submissions if Required
  • High Quality Squidoo & HubPages If Required
  • Wikipedia Page Creation if Required
  • Google and Directory Listings

  • Google Map and Places Listing with all Address and Phone Numbers
  • Yellow Pages and Business Directly Listings of Specific Region