Multilingual SEO


The rising need for maintaining multilingual websites has increased the demand for multilingual SEO services. Optimizing a web page for a specific language and location to make them easily visible in the local search engine result pages is a major challenge in SEO. As a leading Search Engine Optimization company we are committed to deliver high quality multilingual SEO solution for the benefit of our clients that rely on local searches in local languages for driving traffic to their websites.

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Our multilingual SEO service shares the same features with our English language SEO service with appropriate modifications to suit the search pattern in a specific language. We offer optimized on-page and off-page SEO services for several international languages.


Our multilingual SEO services include:

In-depth research in use of language and behavior of searchers in a particular region Keyword research: Our dedicated keyword research team identifies relevant keywords in a certain language through manual search and with search software.

Analysis and development of content: In case of existing content, our multilingual SEO experts check the prominence of keywords used, keyword density as well as the quality of the content. By modifying the content we make sure that it is optimized for the local search engines and is aptly suited for the target audience.

Code optimization: Code optimization entails optimization of title tag, sub headers, Meta title tags and Metal Description tags to ease crawling and indexation of web pages by the local search engines.

Identification of proper domain and URL: For targeting a particular region and language, it is necessary to select appropriate domain and URL to facilitate geo targeting. There are different domain options such as country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD), sub domain with generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) and sub directories with gTLD.

Implementing markups: With appropriate use of hreflang markup and sitemaps we ensure that the search engine can identify which URL is to be served to which user, based on language-based search queries and local searches. By using x-default markup tool we specify the default page for users visiting the website from a country or using a language for which you don’t have a region specific landing page.

Link Building: We focus on local link building to boost the ranking of our clients’ websites in the result pages of local search engines.