Google Penguin Update


To deliver high quality content most relevant to the search queries, Google is busy rolling our updates to its algorithm. The latest Penguin update is a smart step taken by the search engine giant to eliminate poor quality web pages from its search engine result pages.Especially with the new Google algorithm emphasizing on natural link building, websites with a large number of back links were perceived as spamdexing or using black hat SEO strategies for promoting poor quality content.

If you are one of those businesses whose website ranking has been badly affected by Google Penguin update, resulting in reduced traffic flow, we can help you in resolving our problem. As a reliable SEO company that strictly adheres to white hat SEO tactics, we have a track record of offering the best ethical SEO solutions to our clients.

How to know whether Google Penguin update has affected my website

Falling web traffic is the common sign of the negative impact of the Penguin update. However, the best way to assess the exact affect of the algorithm update on your site is to check your Google Analytics account.

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How we can help you


We have a sound knowledge of the Google algorithm. We know which SEO strategy is compatible with Penguin and which SEO techniques increase the risk of Google penalizing a website. As the Panda update primarily focuses on the quality of inbound links, we can help your website in regaining its former glory by replacing poor quality back links with quality back links.


Poor quality back links generated by black hat strategies include:

  • Paid links
  • Link farming
  • Links coming from websites not related to your business
  • Keyword stuffed links
  • Over optimization of anchor text
  • We can recover your website penalized by Google or prevent your website from being penalized. Our experienced SEO experts will analyze the quality of the inbound links and evaluate their relevance to your website.
  • We will remove the poor quality and spam links or disavow the bad quality links with the help of Google’s disavow tool.
  • We will check the quality of anchor texts and edit them according to the Google Webmaster Guidelines to prevent over optimization.
  • Send reconsideration requests to Google
  • Generate good quality links compatible with Penguin update.