PPC Banner Ads Portfolio


Banner ads are a time-tested advertising tool. A great banner can easily draw the attention of visitors to websites displaying the banner, prompting them to click the advert. In this manner, banner ads help websites receive large amounts of traffic.

However, the effectiveness of an advertising campaign cannot be judged only by the rate of increase in traffic. Although increased traffic flow is a sign of a successful campaign, for businesses what matters most is increase in conversion rate. Hence, a PPC banner can give the advertiser the best return on investment only if it manages to increase targeted traffic flow.

An effective PPC banner ad campaign benefits advertisers in different ways. The modern banner ads are a fry cry from the earlier banners with static images. By incorporating dynamic elements, we can develop stunning banner ads that entice every visitor to spend some time observing them. We can give you amazing banners with rich media, animations and outstanding graphics. Moreover, by using the appropriate rich media compression tool we ensure that the banners easily fit into ad spaces of different dimensions.

Online advertising experts consider banner ads as a powerful brand building tool. They significantly boost the exposure of a brand. Moreover, the flexible pricing policy of banner advertising has enticed numerous businesses to use banner ads for advertising their products and services. By using the propaganda mechanism meticulously you can get the best return on the pay-per-click and cost-per-impression ads. While planning a banner ad campaign we focus on devising strategies that help in improving targeted traffic flow. We use software that helps in targeting visitors from specific regions whose surfing history show a likely interest in products and services related to your business. By targeting the most relevant keywords, our PPC banner experts can easily improve the visibility of the ads.

Banner ads come in an array of sizes. Our banner ad designers are capable of designing a variety of banners including full banner, half banner, leader board, rectangle, skyscraper and square button.

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As a prominent PPC management company, we specialize in developing stunning banner ads and managing ad campaigns. Our highly talented graphic artists and copywriters combine visuals with texts to create appealing banner ads. Our experienced online marketing professionals make the best use of various targeting methods to improve the visibility of the banner ads among target audience.


By decreasing the average cost per click and boosting the click-through-rate of the ads, our ad management experts will give you the most cost effect solution.