Search Engine Marketing


To drive targeted traffic to a website, it should be easily visible in the search engine result pages. Search engine marketing combines an array of online marketing and advertising strategies to improve the searchability of a website.

In addition to managing Google AdWords campaign, we offer a range of advertising options to enable our clients to make the best use of the available advertising platforms for increasing the exposure of their business.

Our search engine marketing services include:

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad management: Despite the apparent ease of creating PPC ads, there are numerous complexities involved in development and management of PPC campaigns. A poorly designed PPC ad fails to reach target audience, has poor click-through-rates and low conversion rates. Moreover, it also leads to wastage of resources, leading to high average advertising cost. We are competent in creating high quality PPC ads customized with relevant keywords and optimized ad copies that increase the visibility of the ads on the paid search listing. By using appropriate filtering options, we ensure that the ads reach your target audience. Moreover, by using advanced analytic tools we can evaluate the performance of the PPC ads. A thorough evaluation of your current PPC campaign helps us in identifying areas that need to be developed for further enhancement of the PPC campaign.

Landing page development and optimization: Our aim is to increase the conversion rates of your online business by creating landing pages that can easily woo your prospective customers. Instead of using the home page of your website as your landing page, we can use multiple landing pages for maximizing sales. Our web designers and copywriters are proficient in creating outstanding landing pages that lure visitors to click links leading to your main website or product pages. We ensure that each landing page is unique, designed to cater to a specific section of your potential customers.

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We are a leading search engine marketing company. We are committed to providing the best search engine marketing and advertisement services to our clients that apart from increasing traffic flow to their websites help in converting traffic to leads and sales.


Public Relations Services: We offer high quality online PR services to improve the exposure of your brand and business. Our online PR services include writing and distribution of press releases, publishing newsworthy stories related to your business on popular online media sites, writing articles, guest posts and blogs containing embedded links leading to your website for increasing awareness of your business, social media campaigns and more.